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We would like to inform you from the very beginning that the disinfectants used
in our products are not harmful to persons or animals (skin, hair, clothing, etc.) 
and do not have any side effects. All products are medically / laboratory checked 
and tested and internationally certified!









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Technical characteristics

Materials, Colors, Technological equipment

Special panels resistant to the impact of abrasive liquids, solid poly-carbonates In various colors (Grey, golden, green and blue).

Special noiseless pump for abrasive liquids, atomizers (Jets- top quality intended for abrasive materials for long-term use. They release the disinfectant liquid in form of mist and perform so called irrigation which is not harmful for the health of grown-ups, young people and animals). The pressure system is made of specific certified materials, Special nano filters additionally filtrate the disinfectant which enables the system to operate in a long-term and undisturbed manner, entry-exit doors are made of solid poly-carbonate resistant to abrasive liquids, special UV lamps that produce the effect of additional disinfection of the users inside the disinfection tunnels and additionally sterilize the area inside the disinfection tunnel. Special disinfection sponges for disinfection of all types of footwear of the tunnel users, liquids collector which gathers the all-day disinfection liquid made during the daily use, a suction device which performs a quick suction of the liquid generated after the daily use, temperature laser (measuring the temperature of all disinfection tunnels’ users, which detects every increased form of the users’ temperature by audio signalization), sensor doser for hands disinfection at the entry into the disinfection tunnel, motion sensor which activates the operation of the atomizer during entering the tunnel so that the disinfection liquid is activated and it performs the disinfection of the users, so with this new innovative technological way of operation we can save disinfectant in minimum amount of 15 times, in comparison to other manufacturers.

LED signalization is activated by sensors and it informs the user during entering, staying in and exiting the tunnel.

Weight, Mounting, Power supply

The weight depends on the model and additional equipment being installed,
Modular assembling, quite simple and functional. No special training required. All models are ready for simple assembling.
Power system operates at 12-24V, so it is completely safe for all the disinfection tunnels’ users. Power supply is performed with DC adapter of low voltage. The system is energetically very stable and is a minor consumer of power supply. The power block contains a pump with the engine, as well as a tank with disinfection liquid and digital electronics for controlling placed into a separately designed box, made of the same material as the disinfection tunnel. The power supply may be physically placed inside the assembly of the disinfection tunnel but also there is a possibility of physical dislocation of the power assembly to the agreed distance.

Custom additional equip., Safety, Maintenance, Packaging, Assembly and User manual

-Video monitoring of the tunnel
-Audio navigation through the tunnels
-Thermal vision camera
-Increased capability of disinfection equipment
-Testing (in preparation)
Inside the disinfection tunnel there is also a new innovation of the SmarTesla Holding which completely neutralizes the lethal effect of electricity hitting water, and thus all users of our tunnels are completely safe since in this way we prevent the negative effects of electricity hitting water, which results in high death rate.
The system has been designed so that it is not necessary to perform any additional maintenance which should cause additional costs. For the health of the users, and in addition to the recommendations of our experts, the entire system with atomizers of the tunnel should be disinfected each 15 days with a special liquid which has higher disinfection values. The aforementioned process lasts for about 2 minutes.
All components of disinfection tunnel are in stretch film packaging, cardboard packaging and pallets.
A printed version of detailed instructions is included in cardboard packaging. Digital instructions may be downloaded with QR code, for each tunnel separately. The mentioned QR code will be included in the instructions for use.

ZOONO Spectatular Mono-Molecular Antimicrobial Non-Toxic Disinfection

Note: Together with its expert teams made of leading specialists, doctors recommends using SMARTESLA & ZOONO disinfectant.


Zoono Group Limited is a New Zealand based company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:ZNO). Zoono specialises in the development, manufacture and global distribution of a unique range of long lasting and environmentally friendly antimicrobial solutions.

Over the past 10 years, Zoono has developed a suite of proven products that enable our customer’s partners and distributors to realise and maximise both revenue producing and commercial opportunities.

Zoono Group has developed, and owns, a wealth of intellectual property based around the Zoono Molecule’. A unique, antimicrobial technology that bonds to any surface and has been successfully tested against bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi and mould. It has proven efficacy and longevity, it does not leach and cannot diminish in strength,

Today, Zoono Group has established a global network of customers and distributors that are spread across 20 countries and territories. As the market leader in its field, Zoono Group continues to develop new products and industry applications via a strong base of scientific, technical and training Support

When applied to a surface by spraying, wiping or fogging’ Zoono leaves behind a mono-molecular layer that permanently bonds to the surface. These molecules are antimicrobial, silane based polymers that covalently bond to the surface forming a barrier of positively charged microscopic pins. The positively charged microscopic pins attract and pierce negatively charged pathogens. The pins rupture the cell walls. This causes the pathogen to break up with lethal effect.

The layer of molecular antimicrobial pins carries on working for up to 30 days on surfaces. Routine cleaning can continue and does not disrupt the Zoono molecule or its antimicrobial activity.

Zoono’s “physical kill” replaces the need for dangerous poisons, chemicals and alcohol.

This method of rupturing the cell means the cell cannot mutate, preventing the development of superbugs. Zoono is colourless, odourless, non-leaching, environmentally safe, non-corrosive and whilst completely gentle for humans and animals. It is deadly only for a wide range of bacteria and mould.


The revolutionary Zoono technology significantly reduces the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi (mould) and yeasts. Zoono is water based, alcohol free, non-toxic and provides unique, proven long-lasting protection.

Most disinfectants only work when wet. Zoono continues to work when dry: delivering outstanding long-lasting antimicrobial protection on all surfaces and the skin.

Following cleaning, most surfaces become recontaminated to dangerous levels within a few hours making routine cleaning practices almost irrelevant – apart from aesthetics.

Zoono is different. Once dry, Zoono forms a layer of microscopic pins that continuously work disinfecting all surfaces that it is bonded to.

Germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses can be found anywhere in everyday life. With our broad range of Zoono products, you can be protected at work, at play, on-the-go and in all areas of the home.

A combination of inert ingredients and manufacturing processes coupled with our formulation gives Zoono its unique long-lasting antimicrobial effect.

We use a Quaternary Ammonium Compound these are commonly used antibacterial agents found in products such as toothpaste, contact lens products, cosmetics, soaps.

While our quaternary ammonium compound originates from natural sand, the process is synthetic.

Our trade secret lies in the technology behind the quaternary ammonium compound which enables Zoono to stay active and continue killing pathogens for long periods of times.

-Apply to hard surfaces, fabric, soft furnishings, rooms.
-Use once a month. ZOONO stays active for up to 30 days.
-Apply to skin via foam, spray or wipe.
-Allow to dry
-Use once a day. ZOONO stays active for up to 24 hours

Any environments where germs are present and likely to pose a threat. Zoono currently is successfully used in buildings, vehicles, shipping, homes and hospitals where there is a risk of infection. Routine liquid disinfectants only work when the surface is wet, once the disinfectant is wiped off or dried it is no longer capable if killing any further potentially harmful microorganisms that recontaminate that surface, in fact the surface becomes contaminated to the same levels as before disinfection within 1 to 2 hours. This is the reason why Zoono technology is the next generation biocide because it is also water-based and has a low toxicity level so does not require any special precautionary considerations such as the more toxic and corrosive biocides, which is why it can also be used in the home.

We are the global leaders in the development of revolutionary, high performance and long lasting antimicrobial treatments for all surfaces and the skin.

Zoono technology is used by well known trusted companies across a range of industries including manufacturing, medicine, science, agriculture, viticulture, finance, FMCG, IT, entertainment, hospitality, catering, transport, child care and livestock.

The ground breaking Zoono technology includes the length of time Zoono remains active and the non-toxic way in which Zoono operates. The IP and Trade Secrets are owned by Zoono Group in New Zealand.


-for Products: (CE)
-for ZOONO Disinfection materials and Process: (PAS2424 – EN13687 – EN1276 – EN1650)

Any claims made by Zoono in relation to product efficacy and performance, are supported by Independent 3rd party Test Results from internationally certified Laboratories (all with Good Laboratory Practice Certification) in many different countries.

Zoono has 100+ Test Results on hand from Certified Laboratories in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, UK, Germany, Turkey, China, USA etc.

Zoono conforms to regulations from around the world and has passed PAS 2424, EN13697, EN1276, EN1650 amongst many more antimicrobial efficacy tests.



“EUROFINS” certificates can be verified (or were issued) at: